Oh boy, I'm a happy little green coffee bean lying in this big burlap sack with all my green coffee bean friends. Whoa! That was quite a roller-coaster ride, now I'm in a big, hot, rotating drum. Gee, it sure is nice and toasty in here, I'm just gonna soak up this heat and dry out. I'd say its about 205 degrees F in here and we are all popping off our thin outer skin and are about double our original size! I'm light brown now and seem to weight about 5% less then when I was dumped in here. Just tumbling around and getting hotter now. Its about 220 in here and I'm about 13% lighter; some of us are starting to pop again and give back off some of this energy. Whoa! There I go! Jeepers, I popped and got to give off some heat again, and now I'm a beautiful medium-dark brown and some of my oils are just starting to come to the surface to give me a pretty shine. Whoa! We were all just dumped into a big cool bin where we are being stirred around and cooling down. The sight and smell of this makes me wish I had no moral objection to cannibalism.