Anyone who knows about coffee should know the story of Kaldi; even though it is probably an untrue coffeehouse-told myth. So Here it goes: Once upon a time in the land of Arabia Felix (or Ethiopia) among the beautiful high plateaus lived a goatherd named Kaldi. Kaldi would let his goats out every day and every night they would faithfully return. One day Kaldi released his goats to feed and the goats did not return for the night! Kaldi, concerned, went looking for his goats and found them dancing with glee by some shiny, dark green shrubs with intense red berries. Kaldi was an adventurous chap, so he tried some of the plant himself. Soon Kaldi was refreshed, alert, and exuberant himself, and began dancing with his goats! Kaldi excited about his find, took some of the coffee cherries and his story to a local monk named Bilal. Bilal thought the new fruit was evil and cast them into the fire to cleanse them. The beans began to roast and the resulting aroma enticed the two to rake the beans out of the embers. They collected and placed the hot beans into a cup of water to cool them off. They then crushed the beans in the water and drank the first cup of coffee.