Tea blend to honor Akron OH Inventor

          We have created a tea blend to honor a local man from Akron, OH for his contributions as an energy inventor and scientist, Stanford Ovshinsky, and the blend is the Stanford Apricot Amalgam.

Stanford Ovshinsky drank both Black tea and Green tea daily, with a habit of adding jam to sweeten it up. Muggswigz’ tea blend is named, ‘Stanford’s Apricot Amalgam’ and is a black and green tea blend to represent the contribution to AC/DC current issues research he worked on.  The apricot flavor pays homage to the jam he added to his black tea while enjoying a cup with his mother. The Green tea portion of this blend comes from his trips to Japan.

            Stanford’s family, including Ben, Natasha, his granddaughter, and Robin, his daughter, helped provide insights of their self taught scientist and inventor family member. This tea will be first available at the newest Muggswigz shop located in Portage Lakes, starting July 1, 2017. The other two Muggswigz shops, located in Jackson Township and Downtown Canton, will carry this tea starting August 1, 2017.