We hope to reduce our waste that goes to landfills to zero. Actions we have so far taken to achieve this include :

1) Composting all chaff and coffee grounds from our roasting facility

2) Becoming as paper-less as possible. This includes all our internal reporting, billing, and providing only digital receipts.

3) Using only LED or CFL bulbs in all our facilities

4) Shredding and composting paper we do use at our roasting facility

5) Recycling all cardboard used at our roasting facility

6) Using sturdy, cleanable containers for our wholesale coffee and tea so they may be reused

7) Composting all coffee grounds from all our coffee and tea bars, or providing the grounds to local growers to compost

8) Using ceramic cups for done-in guests at all our coffee & tea bars, offering a discount for guest using our reusable to-go cups, and using recyclable polystyrene for all other to-go cups.

9) Providing foodstuffs past their best by or expiration as chicken / animal feed

10) Recycling all recyclables at our Canton Coffee & Tea bar.