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We are always looking for more talented people to join us. In business since 2003, we are a growing company making thousands of people happier one cup at a time! We do not compromise quality, and encourage a culture of professionalism, honesty, and compassion.  We hire for several different career tracks and positions we are currently hiring for are listed below. Our employment package includes:

 -A safe work environment with continuous education and improvement
-Opportunity for advancement
-Competitive pay
-Flexible schedules
-Wellness Program with gym membership reimbursement 
-Education Reimbursement Programs
-HSA Health and Retirement Program 
-Paid Personal Days and Paid Vacation
-Regular performance feedback
-Complimentary coffee
-Competition sponsorships 

Below are the current positions we are hiring for. To apply for any of these positions please make an account and complete our online application at our staff website teammuggswigz .

Training Manager

Our Training Manager is responsible for the improvement and implementation of our training and education programs across the entire company. The training manager conducts workshops, training sessions, one-on-one skill assessments, and evaluations of baristas. The training manager should expect to work at least one shift per week as a bar barista. Wage is commensurate with aptitude and experience.

Current employees are welcome to apply.


Experience not necessary. Hire must :

1) Have good taste and olfactory sensory perception. 

2) Be able to lift 40 lbs. over their head, move 130 lb. bags for 15 minutes at a time, and work for long periods on their feet.

3) Be able to work a minimum of 35 hours per week.


Ideal candidate would :

1) Have a culinary mind with an understanding of physical chemistry, specifically as it relates to roasting.

2) Have Spanish or other language skills

3) Be adept with tools and machinery

4) Strong computer skills


Job duties include coffee, tea, and misc packaging, order fulfillment, blending, equipment and facilities maintenance and repair, production roasting, sample roasting, coffee cupping, coffee selection and sourcing, administration of roasting / wholesale department.  

Position : Compensation package includes starting salary of $30,000 - $40,000 , no experience necessary, and raises commensurate with performance.

Current employees are welcome to apply.

Clandestine Critic

Do you fancy yourself a coffee or tea aficionado ? Can you be hyper-attentive and critical? Enjoy your Muggswigz experience on us! All we ask you to do is complete and email our form about your experience. To apply, please email your interest and why you would be a good secret shopper for us to training at muggswigz dot com.

Equipment Technician

Job Summary:
Maintain and repair espresso and coffee brewing equipment at Company facilities and Client facilities utilizing proper tools and trade practices.
Work may be sporadic and will have to work emergency repairs on short notice.

Possess a valid driver's license.
High school/trade school diploma or equivalent preferred or equivalent work experience.
Minimum 1 years' experience
Ability to troubleshoot and correct equipment repairs.
Ability to resolve issues in a calm and professional manner.

Essential Functions:
Maintains and repairs various equipment and mechanical systems
Installs, tests, visually inspects, cleans out and repairs pipes, plumbing systems and other related equipment.
Maintains logs, records, and other pertinent documentation

Physical, Mental, and Environmental Demands:
Must be able to work independently.
Must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time, minimum of 4-6 hrs.
Must be able to maneuver from floor to floor either by stairways (a minimum of 20 steps), or by elevator.
Must be fluent and literate in English.
Must be able to stoop, bend, twist, turn, push and pull, as well as lift and carry a minimum of 80 lbs.
Must have the manual dexterity to grab, grip, hold, tear, cut, sort and reach.
Must be able to work on short notice, a varied schedule, and holidays and weekends as requested.

Compensation : $30 / hour + standard company benefits.


Our baristas are the core of our business. Our baristas craft and prepare a variety of drinks and foods, professionally serve them, aid guests in their retail shopping, and maintain the store. 

As a barista not only will you positively impact your community on a daily basis through your work, your professional development enable you to make being a Muggswigz barista a rewarding career, with income and benefits enabling you to support a family. 

Previous barista experience is not necessary. All baristi must be able to perform the job functions of a Muggswigz barista well and undergo the same training to ensure they are solid trained baristas. After that point, baristi have the choice to embark on different paths such as becoming a competition barista, specializing in baking, specializing in tea, handling various administrative roles, increasing their bar skills and distinction, acquiring wholesale clients,  becoming shopkeeper, etc.

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