Want to provide your customers or staff with a high quality product, produced locally, and fresher than anything else out there?

We build our services to your needs.

  • Optional reoccurring orders and automatic payments so you don't even have to lift a finger to maintain your inventory
  • Free training and consulting
  • Free delivery when your order meets the minimum dollar amount
  • 48 hour weekday and weekend order fill time
  • Roast-dated coffee just out of the roaster 
  • Coffee and espresso brewing equipment
  • We are happy to cater to your needs and if you have any questions as to whether something can be done for your company, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Additional 10% discount to clients who present our coffee in a manner that we are especially pleased with
  • Pricing that gives you a great ROI (just register to see specific pricing)


   Espresso bars    get the maximum benefit from our complimentary training program and equipment. Our training team includes some of the highest ranked baristas in Ohio from the SCAA barista competitions. We work closely with our espresso bars clients to ensure success for us both. We are happy to counsel startups or take established shops to the next level. We can co-develop a blend specifically for your establishment for your use and package it immediately out of the roaster for you to sell whole bean. We have years of award winning coffee, espresso, and tea crafting, merchandising, retail, pricing, and marketing experience we can use to help guide you to success.

Muggswigz Competing at America's Best Coffeehouse Competition

   Restaurants    will be able to tell their guest the country, region, and farm the coffee they are drinking grew on. You will be able to tell your guest the farmer who owns the farm, the person who roasted their coffee and what date it was roasted on. And your server doesn't need a bunch of education, just enough to read and memorize some points on our label. Can your competition do that?

We want to increase your profit from your coffee and tea program and the limit to our involvement is up to you. We are happy to help pair coffee or teas with desserts, or even a coffee tasting menu paired with your savory dishes. Restaurant clients offer many exciting possibilities including special blends, coffee flights or coffee cocktails. We offer custom blend development where we will work with you to develop a coffee blend for your restaurant. Such attention to detail will enhance your restaurant's brand image as well as your bottom line. We can provide bags of your blend to sell retail which will make your customers see your name every day. We invite you and your staff to coffee and tea lessons so that your restaurant will be able to understand, discuss, and describe your coffees and teas. We will also train and retrain your staff in charge of coffee preparation. If your restaurant does or will be serving espresso and espresso based beverages, you can take advantage of our espresso training. Our training team includes some of the highest ranked baristas in Ohio from the SCAA barista competitions.

Alex from Muggswigz with a producer in Panama

   Bakeries    fall generally into two types, those who offer espresso drinks and those that do not, either way, we want to increase your profit from your coffee & tea program, and enhance your bakery's quality brand image. One of our first recommendations is that unless you have a very strong market for espresso based beverages, or are a very high volume bakery, we recommend you focus on preparing great coffee and not bother with espresso. Creating and maintaining a great espresso program takes significant resources and time and with bakeries, the added revenue may no be worth it. As a bakery you also have the luxury that while you are expected to sell coffee, you aren't really expected to sell espresso drinks. We believe that you will better serve you customers and your reputation if you sell great coffee instead of okay coffee and okay espresso drinks. Whether you decide to serve espresso or not we are happy to work with you to create the best program possible. We can co-develop a blend specifically for your establishment for your use and package it immediately out of the roaster for you to sell whole bean.

Enjoying coffee made the traditional Ethiopian way

   Offices    that have quality coffee keep employees happy and are less likely to have staff leave the office for a good cup of coffee. If your office needs to serve coffee to potential clients instead of just having it as a productivity booster, a quality cup of coffee will not only taste better, but it conveys that your company appreciates quality and attends to details. It's also a great staff morale booster! We offer all the supplies and equipment you need so that you can make great coffee as easy as possible.

Commercial Coffee = more productivity + 6 cents per cup savings

Great coffee = more productivity + more time at the office + better morale + better client service

Coffee and tea for offices