World Coffee Championships

   In April, Alex and Morgan Haas attended the World Coffee Championships in Boston, MA. It was here that the best baristas in the word came to compete on stages throughout the week. The World Barista championship and the World Brewers Cup. Alex got to work behind the bar with the 2018 World Barista Champion, Agnieszka Rojewska from Poland ans well as Australia's National Barista Champion, Matthew Lewin. The Barista Champions had a small amount of time to create and present three separate coffee drinks to judges individually. They would give the judges instruction on how to enjoy their coffee drink, where the coffee beans came from, how they were roasted and prepared for this competition. The Brewers Cup had competitors set up all of their brewing equipment, and during a timed presentation, brew and serve the coffee. The dialogue here was similar to the barista competition in that the competitors delivered information about the growing processes of the coffee, the preparation and why they are brewing how they are.

     It was common to see cold brew coffees being sampled out from other roasters. The Brewers Cup Competitors were serving coffee and talking more in depth about their roasts at a smaller stage, meant for  face to face interaction. A popular items served at the bar were milk alternatives. You could order your cappuccino with "milks" derived from coconut, rice, soy, almond, etc. It was a good opportunity to try the some of the milks with different espresso roasts and see how they compare to our Spro Blend !