From Us to You: Making our Products, Ourselves

If you’ve ever strolled into any of our three locations, the following may have occurred. You saw delicious looking baked goods displayed on the countertops. You were met by the alluring scent of green coffee beans being roasted in the far end of the room; soon to be packaged and brewed. You spot bottles filled with sweet syrups, waiting to be chosen to flavor your beverage.

All three of the happening mentioned above have one thing in common for sure...we’ve made them!

All of our whole bean coffee that we brew, sell on retail or on our online store have been roasted by our roaster and onsite at our Downtown Canton store. The beans that we use are decided upon through cuppings, where Alex and the Roasters taste the coffees brewed from the beans and if they are satisfied by the flavor notes, the body, the scent, etc of the coffee then they are good enough to be a part of our selection. We also stand by our words, in that we discount our freshly roasted beans once they are 10 days out of the roaster. We want you to experience the most freshly roasted coffee, honestly.

The baked goods at our stores are baked in our stores by our baristas. We use natural ingredients and make the goods from scratch to be paired well with our beverages. The syrups are also made by our baristas from natural ingredients. (Yes, the Lavender is made with real lavender and it’s delicious!) We bottle the finished product up right there in our stores and use them for flavoring beverages and retail.

Our chai tea latte powders and our chocolate powders are mixed at our downtown Canton store and sold as retail as well. Our tea, aside from being from direct trade relationships, if it is not a straight tea, is blended with natural ingredients to give it that piece de resistance! So the next time you visit Muggswigz, know that you are getting the best products made from natural ingredients and made right there, from us to you...enjoy!