All Tea Now Direct Trade

We put a lot of care and research into our loose leaf teas that we serve in our shops. We appreciate the relationships we have with those whom we receive our tea from, so much so that we are hosting a campaign this Autumn based on our directly imported teas! We hosted a tea tasting workshop, led by Alexander Haas, at the Downtown Muggswigz location on Walnut Ave. We prepared many different teas and were prepared to discuss the basics of tea tasting as well as highlight one of the families that we receive the tea directly from. Most of our Indian Teas come from the Lochan Family in Darjeeling, India, and we have been working with them since 2006! Rajiv Lochan owns and runs the tea farm, with members of his family, where we directly import from. He has been in business for 43 years, and gained his experience, knowledge and “training on the job.” It is a family business, which he says, “is very traditional.” Join us at our stores to learn more about our loose leaf tea and the family that we work with!